Tournament Time: Didos, Oilers, Ducks Join Forces

Thanks to Manager Ben Gwin of the South Oakland Ducks, there will be (5) Bandidos heading to Columbus, Ohio this weekend to participate in a 25+ tournament.

John Friend, Greg Friend and Sean Emerick will be making the trek along with Eric Friend and Ryan Gallagher.

The team was allowed to have (2) ‘under-age kids’ on the team as well.

Didos En El Rio-Quack Edition

All Bandidos, Ducks and Oilers will unite and be Ducks this weekend.

The team is anchored by some big bats at the corners, compliments of the Ducks.

DJ Dover will man the hot corner, after batting .500 with (3) home runs and 24 rbi en route to an MVP season. The Bandidos are all too familiar with how well the Ducks can hit–especially Dover.

Brandon Culp, also from the Ducks will be manning first base.

Anthony Casale of the Ducks looks to solifidy things up the middle for the tournament Ducks, starting at shortstop.  Casale batted .440 with the Ducks in 2017.

Manager Ben Gwin from the Ducks will be manning a corner outfield position after batting .456 in 2017.

Erik Friend of the Bandidos looks to lock down a position in the outfield after batting .367 with 16 stolen bases in 2017.


Colin Dougherty-Bulldogs

Ryan Gallagher-Bandidos

John Friend-Bandidos

Greg Friend-Bandidos

Casey Thompson-Oilers


Anthony Ciccone-Oilers–

Joel Leviere-West View–

Zachary Ciccone-Oilers–

Erik Tuomisto–Ducks–

Sean Emerick–Bandidos–**Also doubles as team Dr.

Tom Pulice–Ducks

It should be known that recipients of all (3) major awards given out this past year are on this tournament team.

MVP- DJ Dover

Pitcher of the Year- Ryan Gallagher

Manager of the Year- John Friend

Thanks Ben Gwin for giving us the opportunity. Quack.


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